In the second installment of our Paper Plane Studio interview Jack talks us through Uggy's evolution with some weird and wonderful concept art. Wow, things could've been so different...

Paper plane Studio Interview (Part 2)

Jack talks us through Uggy’s evolution:

1 This is the first version of Uggy. Extremely Ugly right? You should now realize why Uggy is called Uggy!!

2 The evolution is going bad, Uggy is even more ugly

3 The design tends to becoming cute style. Oh some of the Uggy had developed some organs like a fish. Maybe Uggy can swim?

4 No much evolution here. seems Uggy is removing its leg? Ok I admit, I feed it with too much burgers and cokes.

5 Final step in evolution, giving up most of the useless features, Uggy also think that one eye is enough. And no mouth so that it would not be that fat again. This is the current version of Uggy that we see in the game. Maybe there are still more evolution in future Uggy!