Zak in San Francisco

iFanzine Says Goodbye to Staff Writer Zak Wasilowski

iFanzine today shares the reasonably sad news that its staff writer extraordinaire, Zak Wasilowski, is leaving to pretend to study at university. Zak joined us back in November 2023 as an intern, writing across iFanzine and sister sites Gamezebo and Droid Gamers.

Zak had never written for a website before, but grew enormously during his time with us. And we’re not talking just physically. He’s written news, features, reviews, and many, many guides. He’s developed his expertise in written content creation, SEO, and working as part of a team.

His time management remains a work-in-progress.

Almost the whole team will miss, Zak – so-much-so that we’ve printed their thoughts below:

Alex Rennie – Managing Director

Bye Zak. I’d like to say this is the last time I’ll ever have to speak to you but sadly we both know that isn’t the case. Lots of love, Alex.

Adele Wilson – Staff Writer

Don’t really need to say goodbye cause we’re mates now but all I can say is cheers for the laughs over the past few months (PS. I owe you a drink for the help when I first started).

Meriel Green – Staff Writer

Goodbye Zak, I will miss the library Nazis updates and having someone around who understands my references from The Boys.

Simon Reed – Sales Director

Good luck with your future endeavours Zak. You told the world how it really was, and now it’ll never be the same again. That’s probably a good thing. P.S. def wear top hats more.

Much love, Simon

Glen Fox – Head of Editorial

Zak, I’ll miss your sunny disposition, your willingness to always work hard, and your colourful accent. But, most of all, I’ll miss editing your incessant use of passive and companies as plural in all of your copy.

Conor O’Sullivan – Sales Executive and Top Lad

Was great getting to know you, Zak. I wish you all the best and good luck with whatever the future holds.