The iFriday Roundup, No. 45

Friday Freebies

Can Sharp Creative Agency hit three million downloads for their super-popular Drop the Chicken? They were in touch this week to let us know they’re going for just that, and the game’s free status should bring them closer to that milestone over the weekend. It also helps that the game’s been downloaded 2.5 million times to date!

Here’s what else you can find for free on the App Store this weekend, and the list is staggering. Check out Heroes Call, formerly known as Quick Quest when we interviewed the dev last year; Puzkend, brought to you by the same folks who made Grim Joggers and Ironworm; dream:scape (Our Review); Escape From Age of Monsters, iPad and iPhone editions (Our Review); Charadium II, iPad and iPhone editions; and Puppet War, iPad and iPhone editions (Our Review).

Sales Roundup

KEMCO has become renowned for deep sales, and this time it’s Grinsia’s turn (Our Review). Near 90% off is not a bad deal for the thirsty retro JRPG fan!

Also on sale are Dragon Evolution (Our Review) at $0.99, Rimelands: Hammer of Thor (Our Review) at $0.99, Galaxy on Fire 2, iPhone edition (Our Review), Gene Effect (Our Review), Robot Gladi8tor, Dangerous (here’s a Lite), and My Little Hero, iPad and iPhone editions.


We called Monstars’ KOTOMON the delicious hellpsawn of Teletubbies and DOOM, but the game still needed lots of tender love and care to reach its full potential. The devs were in touch with us over the week to let us know that the process has started with an update for better monster handling — not to mention an official preview video! The folks at Monstars have their bullseye trained on interface issues next.

Roblade to Finish Assembly

Last month we previewed Kylinworks’ Roblade: Design & Fight, the wackiest robot builder and arena sim ever to grace iOS. This week we learned that it will hit the App Store on June 6 — check out the game’s website for the lowdown and we’ll have a review shortly.

Death Rally Hits Huge Milestone

There must be plenty of devilish smiles to go around at Remedy these days, seeing as Death Rally (Our Review) has reached an incredible 10 million downloads and ten times as many play sessions. The devs behind all the vehicular mayhem are in quite a generous mood too, offering a chance to win an iPad with Death Rally trimmings to anyone who likes the game’s Facebook page.

Kitaru Gets Kickstarted

Congrats are also in order for the team at Aoineko Studios, who reached their Kickstarter funding goal this week. Some kickass renders never hurt, but the secret to their success undoubtedly has to be a concerted effort to deliver slick behind-the-scenes production updates throughout the campaign.

Videos of the Week

This week the Quadrasphere team tipped us off to their upcoming off-road racing title Bounty Racer, due out this summer. The game boasts lots of drift turning, a single and multiplayer campaign as well as a wide range of difficulty settings, making it accessible to racing newbies but challenging for veterans. You can keep an eye on the dev’s website for news, and the first preview is the lead video in this week’s gallery.

Kiloo Games, developers of the hit shooter Bullet Time, are going back to their frisbee-flinging roots with Frisbee Forever 2 — find the announcement teaser as this week’s second video.

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