iFriday Roundup, No 53

Friday Freebies

I spy with my little eye… plenty of fantastic freebies up for grabs on the App Store as we head into the weekend! First up is Andreas von Lepel’s darkly beautiful and twisted puzzler Freeze!, which we highly recommend you check out while it’s free. Other noteworthy freebies include STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN Gauntlet (a tantalizing taste of what the full-priced game has to offer) and Django’s Bounty Hunter 1800 (a tie-in with the fantastic-looking upcoming Quentin Tarantino flick, Django Unchained), Oh, and as we mentioned earlier in the week, top-rated titles Pitfall! and Cats Away are both available without charge at the moment too.

Sales Roundup

What’s that you say… you didn’t quite have your fill of discounted iOS games during last week’s crazy good Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales?! Well, alrighty then, here are a few more special offers for ya: God of Blades (our review) $2.99 » $0.99, Bad Hotel $1.99 » $0.99, ARC Squadron $2.99 » $0.99, and last, but by no means least, Galactic Phantasy (our in-depth review and developer interview) $2.99 » $0.99

White Whale Games Release ‘Slayers’, A Free ‘God of Blades’ Spin-Off for Windows & Mac

“White Whale Games (read our developer interview) have joined forces with Venus Patrol to release Slayers — a two-player (or one-player vs. AI) version of the pulp-fantasy action game God of Blades — as a free download for Windows & Mac.”

Check out some video footage of this awesome God of Blades multiplayer spin-off in action and obtain a download link for the free (!) game by signing up on Venus Patrol’s site.

The Biggest and Best ‘Legendary Wars’ Update Yet Just Marched onto the App Store!

“This update has everything fans have been asking for; New campaign, new characters, new gameplay and tons of other features all for free.” says Orian Livnat, Creator of Legendary Wars (our review and interview). “We wanted to thank all our fans for making Legendary Wars such a hit. We could have made this a separate game… But we truly appreciate our players, and there is plenty of surprises in store to all of our current fans when they update.”

So there you have it, folks: Liv Games’ Orian Livnat, a prince among iOS indie devs!

And Speaking of Awesome New Updates…

Legendary Wars wasn’t the only game to be given some serious update love this week — both Activision and The Blast Furnace’s Pitfall! and McBank: The Puzzle of Money and Freedom from Honey Tribe Studios (our interview) also benefited from new features and improvements!

Pitfall!‘s latest update includes an all-new time trial-based mode called ‘Relic Rush’, a new power-up, ‘The Burst Tonic’, fan-requested features like left-handed controls and outfits that imbue Pitfall Harry with special powers! The critically acclaimed McBank has been updated to Version 1.1 and now boasts full support for iOS6. In other McBank-related news, the game has been submitted to the Independent Games Festival 2013, and the developers are hopeful that the judges will find it original and engaging enough to be entered into the Nuevo category.

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