IGG Donates Medical Supplies to Lions Gate Hospital to Help Tackle Coronavirus in Canada

Everybody has been pulling together and doing their bit during the current coronavirus pandemic, and IGG is no exception. 

So far this year the studio, which is responsible for blockbuster MMO Lords Mobile, among other hit games, has created a coronavirus relief fund and donated much-needed supplies to a growing list of institutions. 

The first of these shipments went to the most affected areas of Asia. In January IGG donated N95 masks, surgical masks, and surgical gloves to hospitals in Wuhan, before widening its focus to include, well, pretty much everywhere. 

Between them IGG’s international offices in Belarus, the US, Brazil, Japan, and Indonesia have pitched in to help institutions in Italy, Korea, and Japan.

IGG has sent equipment and supplies to the US, too, giving N95 masks and more to Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Stanford Hospital, and the City of Fremont Police Department. 

O Canada

Canada is the latest country to receive vital support from IGG, who dispatched supplies to Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society, and Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, helping these institutions care for some of the most vulnerable people in society.

In total, IGG has sent well over 2.05 million pieces of medical equipment to countries across the globe, with more almost certain to follow. 

IGG is a hugely successful company, and it has been paying it forward for years by getting involved in charitable initiatives. Last year it ran a campaign to raise money for War Child UK, by selling a special Armistice Pack in-game through Lords Mobile and donating the proceeds. 

More recently, the studio ran a competition to design a castle, which it then turned into a skin that it sold through the Lords Mobile shop. The proceeds for the first two weeks went to Make-A-Wish International, the charity that famously grants the wishes of terminally or critically ill children. 

The world’s needs have escalated this year, of course, and IGG is using its spending power to make a difference. You can do your bit too by downloading Lords Mobile (as well as washing your hands and staying indoors). 

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