Among Us-Like Social Deduction Game iLLANG Dropping On iOS Tomorrow!

Challengers Games, the Korean game studio, is dropping a cute social deduction game tomorrow. Titled iLLANG, it’s a free-to-play multiplayer game. Following their hit game Second Wave, Challengers Games is back with something fresh and exciting!

What’s iLLANG?

iLLANG is set in an adorable place called Koji Village where you’re in for a wild ride of mystery and deception. You’re thrown into the game with up to six to twenty of your buddies. You’ll be doing all sorts of mini-games and missions. Your biggest challenge will be to help the villagers find the sneaky iLLANG.

By the way, iLLANG means Wolf, so it’s a metaphor of the wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing. It’s a social deduction game where you achieve your goals using deduction, deception and social interaction to achieve their goals. It often involves uncovering hidden roles or secrets within a group setting while you keep eliminating other players.

Each player will got different tasks based on their abilities. The villagers use their social skills to suss out the wolf. You’re not just limited to being villagers. You can also be foxes, wolves and more. Challengers Games are dishing out some sweet rewards like 1,000 Gold, 10 Gacha Tickets, 10 Job Tickets and the super cool character ‘Akira’ for pre-orders.

So, you still have some time before the game officially drops tomorrow. Head to the App Store, pre-order the game and snag your reward! Also, on that note, catch a glimpse of the game trailer below!

Will You Be Trying It Out?

iLLANG got its first spotlight during G-Star 2023 at G-CON. Apart from iOS and Android, it’s also releasing on Nintendo Switch. It’s also got this feature where you can play and save your progress across different devices, so that’s a win-win!

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