Illusion Connect, the Gorgeous Tactical Shojo RPG, is Out Now After Racking Up 600k Pre-registrations

At long last, Illusion Connect is out, after a popular pre-launch campaign that saw it rack up more than 600,000 pre-registrations. 

The game, from developer Superprism, sees you recruiting shojo Radiants, organizing them into deadly squads, and sending them into real-time battles with their sworn enemies, the Nightmares. 

You obtain these Radiants through gacha summoning, and there are 50 to collect in total, voiced by an impressive array of Japanese voice-acting superstars. The cast includes Saori Hayami (Devil May Cry 4), Natsuki Hanae (League of Legends), and Ai Kayano (Pokemon Masters).

Summoning and battling makes up part of the experience, but there’s more. You’ll also spend time back at your customizable home getting to know your Radiant friends. Every single character has their own backstory, hobbies, and personality – and as you strengthen your bond with them at home they’ll become stronger in battle. 

To reward the waiting crowds for pre-registering, Superprism has lined up a series of events, starting the moment you log in. 

The Newbie Bonus is available to all newcomers – i.e., everybody – giving them ten free gacha summons, one of which is guaranteed to result in an SSR partner, with Nicola, Frantiva, and Hotaru all up for grabs. 

Log in for eight days in a row, meanwhile, and you’ll win a glittering mountain of Diamonds, as well as a Redhood skin for Nina and SSR partner Miyuki. 

The Anna’s Gift event lets you clear stages for Diamonds, Coins, SSR gears, and partner EXP, while Journey of Growth gives you the chance of upgrading Saya from R to SSR and bagging her a Nightingale skin by completing all 7-day objectives. 

Dreamweaver takes place on the third day after creating your character, and it sees you collecting stage stars to gain massive quantities of Diamonds. 

Finally, SEED’s Recruitment lets you earn Summon Ticket x30 and a Bikini skin for Kasumi by collecting a certain number of SR and SSR partners. 

Illusion Connect is available for free right now on iOS and Android, and the events we’ve just listed are happening right now. So get downloading! Be sure to check out the game’s official site here and social feeds too on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Discord.