Image & Form to Roll Out Giant ‘Anthill’ Update

A veritable army of fans have been encamped at the App Store page for Image & Form’s Anthill all week, patiently awaiting the new “Temple of Bloom” campaign. If you were beginning to worry this giant expansion to one of the best Real-Time Strategy games on iOS wouldn’t arrive in time for Veteran’s Day weekend, never fear! Our scouts have just intercepted intelligence indicating that the update will air drop into the App Store on November 8.

“Temple of Bloom” expands Anthill by nine missions and stirs new skills, enemies, and an additional Infinity Mode into the mix. The new content’s going for $0.99 via In-App Purchase, and chances are you’ll snap it right up if you picked up the original release way back in October 2011. If this is the first time you’ve heard of Anthill, here’s a Lite version to get you hooked while you read this press release:

‘Anthill’, the addictive real-time strategy game from Swedish studio Image & Form that has taken the App Store by storm, is set for a huge content update on November 8. This marks the first anniversary for a game loved by reviewers, gamers and non-gamers alike.

Immediately selected by Apple as iPad Game of the Week, ‘Anthill’ has remained a favorite among millions of bug-crazed iOS gamers. In a market where unanimous praise for a game is rare, the many thousands of user reviews for ‘Anthill’ have been consistent: the average is a solid 5 out of 5.

‘We always knew ‘Anthill’ would be a great game, but the response has exceeded our hopes and expectations.’ says Brjann Sigurgeirsson, CEO of Image & Form. ‘Every day we read new reviews from people saying it’s the best game on the App Store. In rare cases we get a 4 instead of a 5 – simply because they want more. So we want to give them more to dig into… I guess we’ve grown addicted to top marks.’

The ‘Anthill’ objective is deceptively simple: use streams of different ants to defend the hill against multitudes of beautiful, terrible insects over a large number of levels. The gameplay is ever- changing and surprisingly deep, which could explain the game’s longevity and high replay value.

‘We want to make games that last, that give people their money’s worth. Thanks to its variety, generous content and depth, ‘Anthill’ never gets short or old,’ notes Sigurgeirsson. ‘It’s fun, mesmerizing, beautiful, and a true iOS milestone. Millions love it already, and we want millions more to help defend the hill.’

Featuring new levels, new strange insects, new ant skills and many days of gameplay, the new version of Anthill will be released on November 8.

Check out Image & Form’s official game website, Facebook page and Twitter feed, plus our exclusive studio interview, for good measure.