Immunity Studios’ Hilarious Cult Classic ‘Ninja Guy’ Goes HD!

In last October’s review of Immunity Studios’ hilariously bonkers action/adventure game Ninja Guy, we expressed a sneaking suspicion it would wind up achieving cult status: “The skeleton-bashing, hog-skewering, pumpkin-carving exploits of Ninja Guy don’t make the least bit of sense, but that won’t stop a cult following from springing up around the lisp-infused Engrish pouring out of his mouth as he rushes around proving his ninja-ness.”

Fast-forward to this August and, lo and behold, Immunity are absolutely delighted with the enthusiastic fan base that’s grown around their quirky iOS debut: “Since the beginning of the year, we’ve had over 300,000 downloads, and a cult following of over 68,000 people on Facebook!” Keen to build on Ninja Guy’s popularity and success, the indie studio recently released a HD version of the chart-topping title which runs at a faster rate than the standard version and boasts graphics that are up to twice as detailed!

Ninja Guy HD is available now for 3/4Gen iPhone, iPad, or 3/4Gen iPod touch at the promotional price of $0.99 (for a limited time only).