Indie Darling ‘To the Moon’ Is on Its Way to iOS

Although I’d be fairly saddened if you haven’t yet played 2011’s indie-darling mega-hit: To the Moon, that would be perfectly understandable if you’ve primarily been a mobile-gamer this last half-decade. Originally built in RPG Maker — which until very recently didn’t support iOS whatsoever — the melancholy tale was more properly a Visual-Novel, except with RPG-esque interactions (yet containing no combat whatsoever). Thankfully those not picking up indie-classics on Steam will soon have the chance to experience FreeBird’s To the Moon for themselves, in HD no less, as X.D. Network is preparing a Unity-based remake expected to arrive sometime before 2016 concludes!

The game stars Rosalene and Watts, two doctors whom — in the not too distant future — specialize in helping people live out their dying wishes, or at least they do so within their minds. Using state-of-the-art technology they help dying patients mentally live out their dreams so that they may die without regrets, a feat that would be — thanks to mental-incongruities created by the new memories — a case of mental-suicide for anyone healthy. While their jobs are normally a fairly straight-forward affair — which involves seeing the entire lives of those whom they help pass on — the duo run into a grave-challenge when they attempt to aid a man named Johnny, alongside his burning wish to go to the moon.

The problem is Johnny can’t rightly remember why he needs to go to the moon, and completing their client’s dying wish will take Watts and Rosalene down a road of discovery the two definitely weren’t yet ready for!

While I’d love to explain the game’s plot in even greater detail, doing so would be a total injustice against anyone whom hasn’t yet personally experienced why To the Moon was fully worth of every last accolade heaped upon it back in 2011. Assuming X.D. Network’s upcoming port isn’t somehow bug-riddled beyond belief, I’m already prepared to give a colossal-sized recommendation that all readers of iFanzine check this one out. Unfortunately — although a preorder page for To the Moon HD currently exists — it isn’t exactly one that most English-speakers would be able to readily avail themselves of, and — as such — you’ll currently have to just wait patiently for the app’s looming arrival.