Indie Gem ‘Jellyflug’ Free for a Limited Time Only!

Troll inc were just in touch to let us know about an unmissable sale they’re throwing this week. Starting from today, July 31st, the indie studio’s quirky platforming adventure, Jellyflug (App Store link), will be totally free for the next three days.

If you cast your mind back to earlier this month, you’ll recall we gave the game a pretty positive review and came to the following conclusion: “(Jellyflug) is totally worth a look for longtime platforming fans who can appreciate just how good the level design gets.” Since then the folks at Troll inc have released regular updates which, amongst other improvements, tighten up the game’s controls and fine-tune its combat system.

If you’re already a Jellyflug fan, you’ll probably want to check out our interview with Troll inc’s Jim Murray. We also featured Jellyflug in an extra-large edition of ‘Concept Art Corner’ which focused on the game’s “weird and wonderful microbial landscapes.”