InfiniByte Games’ Sci-Fi Action RPG ‘Star Legacy’ Will Launch Later This Year


It was a dark era, wherein an unknown organization — with the help of the intergalactic Space Police — had been ruthlessly seizing control of planets one by one (in the process killing anyone whom wasn’t fit for slave labor). Their method involved deliberately unleashing the dreaded Mantis scourge upon each and every planet of any remote value, all so that no one would think twice when the Space Police arrived in order to ‘help’. Now a young alien named ‘Jaxon’ — whom recently was saved from a Space Police ambush by an odd scientist — is the only one with the potential to grow strong enough to save the galaxy, but only if he can first survive long enough to master his new potential.

So went the proposal for Star Legacy, the recently pitched game project from a team of indie game developers — led by Ryan Zimmerman — dwelling within the town of Redmond Washington. The game aimed to be a 3D action RPG — with fully customizable stats and character appearance, via interchangeable armor bits — that Zimmerman’s team intended to deliver to PCs and Mobile devices everywhere. The only drawback was that — having already spent $10,000 of their personal money on the project — InfiniByte Games had found themselves in a bind, forcing them to ask Kickstarter for an additional $10k.

4afe6af7d9dc6e1b88f6aa2bc5db9fe5_largeHaving already been fully funded, people were obviously intrigued by InfiniByte’s three promised play modes — including Story Mode, Exploration Mode, and Arena Mode — as well as the ability to freely move a single save file between these various mission types. Now that InfiniByte has secured their vital development funds, they currently aim to launch Star Legacy — complete with its wide array of promised combat pets, expansive skill trees, and multiple camera angles — to gamers everywhere sometime later this year. They have further promised that — when the game finally arrives — the completed project will be utterly devoid of any of the following: Pay-to-win IAPs, cool down clocks to halt your progress, or anything else to puts micro-transactions in front of pure skill.

Speaking of skill itself, InfiniByte Games has further proclaimed that Star Legacy — while also being enjoyable by casual gamers everywhere — will be a place where in-depth game playing skills are properly rewarded. For example: some of the game’s best weapons and armor will only be discoverable in the Space Police controlled Arena Mode, which is also where most of Star Legacy’s most lethal opponents will lie in wait for Jaxon. However, in order to ensure that such challenges are actually rewarding, Zimmerman and company are also striving to make sure that their game features a rock-solid control scheme.

Those interested in seeing whether or not the people over at InfiniByte Games can deliver on their many wide ranging promises should be sure to keep an eye on Star Legacy when it launches later this year.