Infinite Dreams Throw a Sale; Shoot The Zombirds now Free & Jelly Defense Reduced!

Infinite Dreams were just in touch to give us a heads-up on the deadly bargains to be found in a ‘Super Sale‘ they’re running at present. And what do you know: the games in question are a couple of our all-time favorites from this company!

First up is Shoot the Zombirds (App Store link), a creepily-themed casual shooter we praised for its “extremely well polished presentation,” “slick execution” and “interesting gameplay quirks” in our full review. Suffice it to say, this is one freebie well worth snapping up while on offer. Shoot the Zombirds is free for a limited time only in association with the folks at

Also on sale is Jelly Defense (App Store link), another Infinite Dreams title we absolutely adore (our review) and reckon is a clear must-have for fans of Tower Defense, Castle Defense, or Real-Time Strategy games.

Oh, and here’s a link to our recent interview with Infinite Dreams for good measure!