Infinite Galaxy Is the Next Big Interstellar Strategy Game on Mobile

There’s no shortage of space strategy games on mobile, but they don’t all manage the feat of squeezing the biggest possible battlefield into the smallest platform. 

Infinite Galaxy does it with aplomb. This huge interstellar adventure from developer Camel Games ticks every box as far as we can tell, with gorgeous visuals, an engrossing story, challenging strategic gameplay, and a mind-boggling scale. 

The setting is Galaxy Year 4649, and the long war between the Old Federation and the Empire is over. If you’ve watched a Star Wars movie or an episode of Star Trek, you’ll know which side are the goodies. 

Despite coming out on top, the evil Empire is struggling to maintain the peace and finds itself on the brink of collapse. It’s time to strike back. 

That’s where you come in. Playing as a Spaceport Commander, you need to get your ailing Spaceport back into action before building a fleet and leading a rebellion against the Empire, stamping on the baddies once and for all. 

In the process you’ll need to manage a diverse array of responsibilities, from construction to research, military strategy to human resources. 

Hiring crew members isn’t just a case of tapping + in a menu somewhere. Each crew member in Infinite Galaxy has their own backstory and personality, as well as their own function to perform in your ever-growing rebel outfit. 

To succeed, of course, you’ll need more than a big fleet. You’ll need a fleet that can adapt to the battlefield conditions, dealing with close-quarters combat with fighters as well as ranged offensives from hulking cruisers. 

You can even take the wheel yourself, piloting your Flagship in a battle alongside your allies. Infinite Galaxy is truly a full-spectrum strategy game. 

It looks great, too. Just watch the trailer. Infinite Galaxy is a true space opera of a game, with all the cosmic vistas and hulking spaceships you’d expect to find in a high-end production like EVE Online or Elite Dangerous. 

You can download Infinite Galaxy for free right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store

That’s not all. We’ve also got an exclusive code for you that will allow you to redeem a bunch of in-game items. Just head to Settings > Pack Exchange and enter “ifanzine”.