Inked is a Gorgeous, Hand-Drawn Puzzler That’s Out Now

There are only a handful of games on mobile that can stop you in your tracks with a single glance, and now we can add Inked to that not-particularly-high pile. This isn’t just a puzzler, it’s a puzzler that’s presented as a series of ballpoint pen drawings, and it looks amazing.

Underneath that art style you’ll discover a story of love and loss and hope, which are three of the best things to make stories up about. You play a nameless Samurai who’s travelling the world with his love, Aiko.

Of course, things go wrong and you’ll find yourself thrown into puzzle-filled quest to protect the things you care about. There’s another character too, called the artist, who’s the one creating the world. Basically there’s loads going on and it all sounds super intriguing.

So you’ve got yourself a game that looks amazing, has a super intriguing storyline and has already won a bunch of awards before it got released? If you ask us that sounds like exactly the sort of game you should be thinking about playing.

If you’ve already done that thinking and decided that Inked is the game for you, well you can click here to grab it from the App Store right this second. The game will set you back $3.99, which sounds like a pretty darn great price to us.