Insane Giveaway: Final Fantasy III!

“For iFanzine so loved their readership that they gave their only begotten copy of Final Fantasy III, that one lucky iDevice owner could have everlasting entertainment…”

Square Enix revisiting an elder Final Fantasy title should be nothing new to JRPG fans, but what makes this iteration of Final Fantasy III especially interesting is that the iOS edition contains noticeable improvements over its previous incarnation on the Nintendo DS, from optmized visuals to new story segments. Stop by Square Enix’s site for the game for the lowdown on all its features and the game’s own storied history — can you believe we’re still getting excited over a game first released in 1990!?

There’s no way iFanzine isn’t going to click on that “buy” button at the App Store for this one, but here’s the thing: we’ve just been absolutely inundated with review requests from indie devs on the very day this one hit, so we decided to split the difference and gift Final Fantasy III to one reader as this week’s giveaway contest. Here’s what you need to do, provided you have a US App Store account*:

A.) Make sure you’re following iFanzine on Twitter and have liked our Facebook page.

B.) Share this post on Facebook at least once and retweet it as many times as humanly (and inhumanly!) possible over the next week. Hey, we have to measure your love of Final Fantasy somehow!

C.) Let us know you’ve done so by commenting below. Be sure to provide a valid email address, since this is what we need to gift the game from the App Store.

*This giveaway is available only to those with US App Store accounts. The lucky winner will be chosen randomly and notified on Thursday, March 31. This is no April Fool’s joke!