Insanely Good Giveaway: Prisoner 84 Up For Grabs!

I’ve locked my bedroom door, turned out the lights, and am skulking my way through the dank, gore-stained corridors of the phenomenally frightening Prisoner 84 in preparation for a full review of the game. Can’t wait for the official iFanzine verdict? Well, never fear because courtesy of the (surprisingly) lucid and friendly folks at Hidden Games we’ve got two copies of iPhone’s hottest new fright-fest to give away!

Entering is as easy as 1) Follow iFanzine on Twitter 2) Retweet this post 3) Let us know you’ve done so in the comments section below.

Alternatively if you’re already a member of our our brand spanking new forums (all the cool kids are…), simply leave a post there telling us the one thing that really, really scares the bejesus out of you. Maybe it’s clowns, or spiders, or perhaps it’s simply witnessing the dreaded white screen of death appear on your beloved iPhone. Noooo…!

Terms and conditions: This contest is open to viewers worldwide, but bear in mind you’ll need a valid US iTunes account in order to redeem your prize. Winners will be contacted via our site’s private messaging function and/or Twitter. Codes have an expiry date and should always be redeemed asap. The closing date for this contest is the 30th July 2010.