Interview with Patrick Wolowicz, Creator of “Zen Wars!”

What are the minimum-generation iPhone and iPod Touch versions supported by Zen Wars? Are there any plans to port the game to other platforms, or is it likely to remain iOS exclusive?

Zen Wars works with any iOS device with iOS 3.1 or above installed. Of course, it may not always run as fluid on older devices as it does on current devices. To play Zen Wars in multiplayer via Game Center, you need OS 4.1 or above (local multiplayer will run on earlier devices too).

Finally, what can you tell us at this point about your plans once Zen Wars is released? Should players expect significant content expansions for Zen Wars down the road, and have you decided on your next project yet?

I’m not done with Zen Wars yet. There’s the obvious content expansions like more levels, weapons and achievements to work on, but there’s also further multiplayer modes I’m planning to add, but not ready to share yet. Anyone is more than welcome to throw in ideas on the Zen Wars Facebook page!

iFanzine’s thanks goes to Patrick for being a gentleman and a scholar, and to Orian at Liv Games for facilitating this interview. Zen Wars will surround and conquer the App Store on August 11, so check back with iFanzine for one of our trademark in-depth reviews the moment it hits! For the latest Zen Wars news, keep an eye on’s site for the game and Facebook page, as well as Liv Games on Twitter.