Into the Dark Narakan is Cheap on the App Store Right Now

Into the Dark: Narakan is one of our favorite mobile roguelikes, and right now you can save a couple of bucks on it. It’s a game about escaping a weird forest, solving some mysteries and generally having a wonderful, slightly bizarre time.

The game mixes together a dungeon crawler, a puzzle game and a strategy title, throws in a bunch of exploration and a smattering of other ideas and ends up as an intriguing and engaging experience that’s not quite like anything else you’ve played before.

There’s a story mode, there’s an endless mode, there’s a special, triangular art-style – there’s basically everything you want from a mobile game and a little bit more. Narakan: Into the Dark is the sort of game you just want to play and play and play and play.

And right now you can play it for cheaper than usual. Click here and you can pick up Narakan: Into the Dark for $1.99. That’s a saving of $2 from its usual price, and since it’s worth way more than that anyway, we suggest grabbing it right this second if you haven’t already played it.