Help Kickstart ‘Invisible Apartment 2: Reasons’, the Latest Chapter in Vysoko’s Cyberpunk Saga


Perhaps you’ve already played through Invisible Apartment, a currently free iOS Visual Novel dealing with a future suffering from 24/7 surveillance — a world where cybernetic implants are common — and the dilemma of hacking has run hog wild. Even though the game was somewhat short, people responded remarkably well to the world — and its characters — prompting Vysoko Anime Production to create another chapter. The result was the much more involved Invisible Apartment Zero — a prequel, obviously — that was also released on iTunes as well, although this time carrying around with it a $5.99 price.

Although people were happy to receive more background context on the situations transpiring during Invisible Apartment, they still clamored to find out what would happen next. This prompted Vysoko Anime Production to begin work on their most ambitious Visual Novel project yet: Invisible Apartment 2: Reasons, set to contain even more optional pathways — be told from multiple perspectives — and just be longer all around. However, this ambitious increase in project scope led Vysoko Anime Production to unfortunately realize that they were going to need a great deal more character artwork — background illustrations — and incidental music than ever before required.

INVISIt was at this point the team accepted that Invisible Apartment 2 — in order to pay for the many assets involved — was probably going to need some help, at least if they wished for the release date to preferably be set sometime before the second coming of Jesus Christ. It was for this reason that Vysoko Anime Production recently approached Kickstarter with a humble request for €2,000, an amount that — given the current exchange rates — is roughly equal to $2,161. Although it might be a touch depressing that only €254 has so far been raised, that said — with a whopping twenty-four days remaining — there should still be more than enough time to secure Invisible Apartment 2’s necessary funding.

Those unsure whether or not they’d like to see the Invisible Apartment series continue should remember that they can currently try the entire first chapter for free, after which — should they be impressed — they can secure their own copy of the sequel for roughly $5. Although people can choose to receive their launch day copy on either PC, Mac, or Linux — and despite the fact that Invisible Apartment 2 will be released on iOS devices as well — iTunes’ international rules sadly mean that backers can’t be given the iOS edition itself. Finally — for those extremely excited — additional backer rewards include: digital art books, full soundtrack downloads, posters, a boxed physical copy on DVD, custom signed artwork straight from Invisible Apartment’s lead artist, and much-much more!

However — should you now find yourself positively intrigued — you’ll need to be sure to chip in your donations before May 19th rolls around, or else the powerful hand of the ever watchful  ‘man’ will swoop in and shut everything down.