iOS Edition of Caleb Hugo’s ‘The Circle of Fifths – Infinite 2048 Game’ Successfully Kickstarted

final_blurCaleb Hugo developed a free PC/Android game awhile back — entitled 2048 Infinite: The Circle of Fifths — to aid people with learning the theories of musical scale, as well as to have fun in the process. Each time a player combines two identical notes — by sliding them into each other — they’ll combine into the next note on the Circle of Fifths, moving around the figure in a clockwise pattern (onwards into infinity). Furthermore — whenever a tile is successfully moved — any other tiles that may freely move in that same direction will do also, in the process combining if they end up running into a matching tile as well.

Complicating matters, however, is the fact that a new tile — matching your currently lowest note — is randomly placed on the field after each move, threatening to eventually clog the board and create a game over if the player doesn’t take care with their actions. Furthermore — in order to help people memorize the bottom half of the Circle of Fifths — 2048 Infinite will interchangeably use notes such as F-Sharp and G-Flat, which are otherwise functionally the same. In order to aid people in coming to grips with these less commonly used aspects of musical notation, the color of these notes will be the same so as to help players remember that they can combine a D-Flat with a C-Sharp (and so on).

2048-infinite-circle-of-fifths-239x300Caleb Hugo — after much positive reception to his original edition of 2048 Infinite — desired to further release his edutainment/puzzle game on the iOS, but was vexed by the iTunes Marketplace’s many regulations that made this goal not exactly a free endeavor. To that end he launched a Kickstarter requesting the additional $400 that was needed in order to acquire a much needed Mac, since the iTunes Marketplace was designed to never permit developers to upload products from a PC. So far his Kickstarter has done very well, securing $591 — an amount that’s well above the bare minimum — with 3 days still remaining (in case any others wish to further aid Hugo’s future development dreams).

Although the current plans for the upcoming iOS edition of 2048 Infinite aim to be free as well, those whom donate at least $5 dollars will get a sneak preview of the game’s upcoming new “Circle of Fourths” mode. In this new game mode players will be challenged to instead work their way counter clockwise around the same circle in inverse order, providing users with additional game play and educational opportunities. Meanwhile, those whom donate even more will receive expanded rewards such as: 2048 Infinite stickers, being listed in the game’s credits, sheet music of compositions written by Caleb Hugo, and even the chance to be listed as a sponsor during the game’s opening!

However, any whom are interested in helping out Caleb Hugo should make sure that they chip in their donations before Infinite 2048: The Circle of Fifth’s Kickstarter closes on August 3rd.