iOS Sequel to Browser-Based Sensation ‘Kingdom’ Is Currently Seeking Funding on Kickstarter


Thomas van den Berg released a browser based web game last year — of which he entitled Kingdom — that was quickly met with massive praise, being featured in articles all across the internet. In it you controlled a king whom — by throwing money at all of his problems — had to both build up his domain as well as command his vast legions of incompetent idiots completely loyal subjects. The money throwing aspect was quite literal, with you tossing giant coins at peasants in order to recruit them — at the ground to designate building projects — and at shops in order to purchase more equipment for your followers.

All of this had to be carried out quickly — however — for each night your kingdom would be waylaid by an army of grinning Noodlers, a troll-faced menace that sought to pillage and plunder all that you had built up. Kingdom did — in this regard — have many things in common with a typical Tower Defense title, seeing as how you had to carefully manage your time during the day in order to prepare for each night’s ever worsening onslaught. Yet it was the fact that all of this was controlled indirectly via side scrolling action — wherein you directly controlled the king, as well as his money tossing antics — that truly set Kingdom apart from its more straight forward brethren.

kingggggIt furthermore didn’t hurt that Kingdom’s pixel-art inspired graphics were positively beautiful/amusing to look at (especially the real-time rippling pixelated reflections that the nearby river always displayed).

Anyways — taking to heart the wide array of feedback that the original generated — Thomas van den Berg decided that it was high time he made an updated sequel, this time including royal subjects that were perhaps a touch bit smarter. The largest of these newly promised features is easily the ability to explore the kingdom’s dense surrounding forest, wherein random encounters can potentially lead to either great dangers or powerful relics. However, despite the various ideas bouncing about in his head, Thomas has promised to make sure that the new features didn’t erode the very core of what Kingdom is: a simple action game starring a king whom solves all of his problems by throwing money at stuff.

To this end he recently petitioned Kickstarter for the €8,000 in capital that he needed to realize his expanded vision, which — if funded — has been planned to debut on the iTunes App Store. While there are currently no tiers that include a launch-day copy of the iOS edition, due to Apple’s ban on international gifting, those whom donate at least €5 will still receive Kingdom on a different platform (assuming certain stretch goals are met). However, the other rewards — which are fully worldwide available — include things such as: pixel-art stickers of the game’s artwork, your name mentioned within Kingdom’s credits (complete with pixelated portrait), the new edition’s source code, and much more!

Therefore — if you’d like to help Kingdom out, which has so far secured over €3,000 — then be sure to toss your own over-sized coins at Thomas van den Berg’s Kickstarter before June 5th arrives, or else nothing will be left standing when the Noodlers arrive.