iPirate Battle: New Update!

iFanzine took a look at Enora Software’s iPirate Battle (out now, $0.99) a few weeks back, and while we were fairly taken with the game’s core concept and well devised control scheme, overall, it failed to impress and was forced to walk the plank with a measly 2.5/5 stars. Well, shiver me timbers, its just resurfaced with a shiny new update that irons out quite a few issues!

What’s New?

  • Much faster player cannonballs
  • Updated graphics
  • Much faster gameplay making the game alot more action orientated

My biggest gripe with the game was without a doubt the sluggish movement of cannonballs, which rendered the titular battle against rival ships bit of a lackluster affair. From the full review: “cannonballs are frustratingly slow moving. This wouldn’t be such a problem if it weren’t for the fact that enemies’ projectiles seem turbo-charged by comparison. The upshot of being armed with such feeble weaponry is that as waters begin to fill up with attackers, you rapidly find yourself outgunned, outmaneuvered, and taking heavy damage. When returning fire, irritatingly, rival ships will often have floated out of harm’s way before your shot reaches its target.”

Thankfully your weapons now appear to be speedier and a lot more effective. Which in turn transforms iPirate Battle into the fast-paced survival-shoot ’em up it always wanted to be.

Enora are evidently a developer more than willing to take constructive criticism onboard, and, like I said in my original review, iPirate Battle has the potential to be an explosively enjoyable top-down shooter. Overall, the game is much improved, and while it’s still not perfect, I’ll definitely be keeping a watchful eye on the horizon for future updates and additional content!