Iron Marines Invasion Coming to the App Store Soon

Ironhide Game Studio has announced that it’s taking another trip into the wilds of future space. That’s because it’s releasing a sequel to the brilliant mobile RTS Iron Marines. The game is called Iron Marines Invasion and it’s already up for pre-order on the App Store.

Like the previous game, this one is going to see you building up an army of powerful space warriors, equipping them with massive weapons and handy gear and then trying to take down evil aliens, deadly mercenaries and more.

The game certainly looks gorgeous, and hopefully it’s going to build on the more-than-solid foundations of the original. There’s a trailer that accompanies the announcement, and we’ve embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.

There are going to be loads of missions and special operations for you to complete, achievements to unlock and nine different characters to add to your army. Throw in unit make-up, upgradeable weaponry and huge bosses and you’re onto a winner.

You can click here to pre-order Iron Marines Invasion from the App Store right this second. And if you’d like more information about the game, you can click here to visit the official Iron Marines Invasion website.