Ironwatch is a Midcore RPG That’s Out Now for iPhone and iPad

If you’re looking for a midcore RPG to while away some hours with, then we suggest you check out Ironwatch. The game has just come out for iPhone and iPad, and it’s got some really awesome ideas.

There are loads of heroes to collect and a super interesting battle system to boot. The game is way more involved than others that we’ve seen, and you need to think tactically if you want to win.

Every turn in a battle you get a set of dice. These control your attacks and your movement. You can re-roll as many of them as you want, but you can only do it once. Think the ATB battle system with added chance and you’re halfway there.

The game also looks lovely, as you can see from the trailer we’ve embedded below.

Ironwatch is exactly the sort of game you’re going to lose hours to. There’s always a scrap to be had, and levelling up your heroes never feels too grindy. There’s meat on these bones, and it’s the kind of meat you’ll want to gnaw on.

Sure the game could do with some multiplayer modes, and there’s a chance that some players will find the whole thing a little too simple. However, if you’re okay with jumping from battle to battle, upgrading as you go, you’re in for a treat.

Ironwatch is likely to stick around on your phone for a good long while. You’ll find yourself dipping in and out, playing a few games here and there, and you’ll do it all with a grin. The game is just the right shape for those stolen mobile gaming sessions we all love so much.

If any of that has piqued your interest, you can click here to download Ironwatch from the App Store for free.