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Is Legeclo: Legend Clover Pay To Win?

The global launch of Legeclo: Legend Clover has led to many potential players asking whether the game is pay-to-win.

And that’s the question we intend to answer here. We’ll explain what pay-to-win means. And we’ll also let you know whether Legeclo Legend Clover is pay-to-win.

About Legeclo: Legend Clover

Is Legeclo: Legend Clover Pay To Win?
Credit: DMM Games

First, let’s start with a discussion of the game itself. Legeclo: Legend Clover is an sRPG (simulation RPG). These are sometimes also known as tactical RPGs, where the game combines many of the elements of a traditional RPG with elements from tactical strategy games.

Legeclo: Legend Clover is a game in which players control a team of heroines. They can enhance their skills and abilities as players progress through the game. Battles take place on a grid system, where you must be within one or two squares of the monsters known as the Abyss to carry out an attack.

As with many JRPG titles, players have a large pool of characters to choose from. If you’re looking for more detail on which ones to choose, check out our Legeclo: Legend Clover tier list (2022) & reroll guide to ensure you get the most powerful characters.

Now that you know a little bit more about the game, what does pay-to-win mean?

What Does Pay to Win Mean?

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Pay to win is used to describe any game that allows players to purchase extra items or abilities that will give them an advantage in that game. In some games, this is a relatively minor aspect of the game. The most desirable items can eventually be acquired through grinding – if you’re willing to do the work.

Genshin Impact is an example of a game that has a pay-to-win element. But you can still thoroughly enjoy the game without spending your own money. At the other end of the spectrum are games that are almost impossible to win unless you are willing to part with real-world money.

Arguably the most famous recent example is Diablo immortal. Here, it is suggested that players might have to spend up to $100,000 to acquire the strongest possible build.

Often, free-to-play games end up being pay-to-win (or include pay-to-win elements) simply because it’s the only way they can make any money. This makes some sense, given that nobody has paid to play it in the first place.

So, Is Legeclo: Legend Clover Pay To Win?

After all that, what’s the situation with Legeclo: Legend Clover?

As you’ve probably guessed by now, Legeclo: Legend Clover does have pay-to-win elements. The gacha system means that players can earn rewards without paying for the privilege.

They also have a shop button that can easily be pressed by accident (instead of the ‘attack’ button) in the heat of the action. The shop offers players things such as Magic Stones, support SSRs, and other potential rewards at random.

They are keen to encourage players to spend money to boost their characters. Doing this will, inevitably, make the game easier and give you an advantage compared to someone who isn’t prepared to pay. Ultimately, it comes down to how much grinding you are prepared to do.