Featured Image for our news on It's a Small RomanTick World. It features the protagonist and different historical landmarks from Egypt, Europe and Korea.

Embark On A Time-Travelling Adventure In It’s a Small RomanTick World!

Time-travelling RPG Small RomanTick World has launched on iOS globally! Developed by Mirai Roman, it’s free to play and offers you romance beyond time and space. Let’s give you a quick lowdown of the title and its gameplay!

How Romantic Is It?

You’ll find yourself in a single room, reunited with your once-beloved pet dog, Kapi. But Kapi is no longer the fluffy pup it used to be. It’s now fluffier, transformed into a plushie doll! Your mission is to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of your parents and leap through time. Explore multiple countries and narratives, from Ancient Egypt and Medieval Europe to Korea during the Joseon dynasty.

As you journey through different eras, you’ll stumble upon fascinating characters called Outlanders, who represent the essence of their time, land and people. Take your pick between an adventurous path or a romantic escapade as you meet dashing men, like an Egyptian Pharaoh, a European knight, and a Joseon astronomer.

Deck out your room with stuff that vibes with the era you’re checking out. Throw in items and clothes that remind you of the good times during your time-traveling adventure. Play simple yet engaging mini-games to tackle enemies.

It’s a Small RomanTick World!

With every era, a new Outlander awaits to accompany you in your heart-throbbing adventure. The title is divided into different segments, viz., Main Story, After Story, Extra Story and Power Spot. Take Kapi’s help in navigating through these segments.

Overall, It’s a Small RomanTick World is a captivating title filled with stunning illustrations that can ignite the flames of romance in your heart. Sounds interesting? Then, head to the App Store and check the game out. Also, check out our latest scoop, Three Minutes to Eight, a new mind-bending and surreal mystery adventure puzzler is now on iOS.