Watch Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Bring the ‘Temple Run’ Demon Monkey to Life

Now I know you probably spend a lot of your time trying to avoid ads, but today I’m actually going to recommend you go out of your way to watch a few. Because, seriously, if you haven’t caught the digital shorts that Imangi Studios released to help promote Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows yet, you’ve been missing out on some comedy gold!

Each of the four shorts sees the Temple Run Demon Monkey enjoying an amusingly out-of-character downtime activity like practicing meditation or having a manicure done, only to have it rudely interrupted by a laughing idiot busting onto the scene, stealing his idol, and running off. With a sigh, the beleaguered creature is then forced to revert to his primal self and give chase… just like in the games.

The whole meta-humor filled series is available for your viewing pleasure on Imangi’s YouTube channel. And if you dig them as much as I did, you’ll definitely also want to check out the new behind-the-scenes video, which shows just how much intricate work Jim Henson’s Creature Shop (you know, the folks behind the wonderful creatures in Labyrinth, Dinosaurs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc) put into bringing the Demon Monkey to life.