Journey through the Post-Apocalyptic Ruins of Japan in ‘Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth’


In the year 2069 — sometime after World War III left the planet in a state of disrepair, despite all the concerns regarding Mutual Assured Destruction — a group of young treasure hunters, known as Durchhalten, were about to lay claim to the ultimate haul. Something went horribly wrong, however, when Miho Sayashi — the younger sister to the group’s leader, Yu — met a gruesome demise when the gang inadvertently activated a still functioning security system. The macabre tragedy has haunted Yu for these last two years, up until he recently heard from his tech guru friend — Toshio Taro — about the real life Noah’s Ark suddenly being rediscovered.

The existence of the Ark’s device — known as the Lazarus Protocol, which can purportedly return anything back to an earlier state — has suddenly filled Yu with hope that he might finally see his sister alive again. It is to this end that he has begun reassembling the various eccentric members of Durchhalten — whom all disbanded after the incident – to join him on his mission to save his sister, by whatever means required. Along the way Yu will have to deal with the growing power of the “Sanctus Ordo Illuminatus” — a group whom rose to power much like the Catholic Church during the Dark Ages — as well as the “God’s People’s Army”, whom actively oppose the former.

0851e2c96856157634ffaca199440b89_largeThus went the set up to Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth, a game envisioned by the staff at Kwan — a team of game makers living in the Philippines — whom desired to make a game in the style of the Phoenix Wright and Zero Escape series. Aiming to combine the point-and-click mechanics of Graphic Adventures with the storytelling emphasis of Visual Novels, Exogenesis’ plot — with all the choices combined — will contain over 150k words. As players guide Yu through the ruins of Japan — visiting many real life landmarks along the way — they will have to deal with various moral dilemmas, situations with multiple potential approaches, as well as the sometimes grave consequences of their actions.

However, having already depleted much of the company president’s own personal money on the project, Kwan eventually was recently forced to turn to Kickstarter with a humble request for an additional $32,000 in development funds. The internet responded — in turn — by funding Kwan well beyond their wildest dreams, with the project gathering a grand total of $56,288 by the time the pledging period finally came to a close. Thanks to this Exogenesis will not only be completed, but will furthermore appear on the iOS platform coupled with full voice acting courtesy of the talented staff over at Team Four Star.

While the now funded Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth is currently expected to arrive sometime this December, those eager to preview Kwan’s vision can currently check out the free PC demo that was released along their Kickstarter.