Journey to the Sweet Challenge is a Cute Kickstarter title with the Same Source Material as the TV Show Monkey

Ever fancied living in a house made of candy? Of course you have. Kickstarter project Journey to the Sweet Challenge won’t let you fulfil that dream, of course, but it’s a charming simulation all the same. And one we think you should be very excited for.

Based loosely on the 16th century Chinese novel Journey to the West, which also gave us the cult 70s TV show Monkey, Journey to the Sweet Challenge sees you striking out on an epic quest for candy and companions. 

The character you play in this super-casual title is the Master of Candy. And being a master, you have disciples, such as Lollikong, Sugar.E, Kimochu, and others. 

There are two sides to Journey to the Sweet Challenge’s gameplay loop: adventuring out on the road and kicking back at home in your Candy House. 

Journeys are made up of stages. There are 81 in all, and each of them contains 50 levels, which means there are approximately 60 billion levels in total (feel free to double-check the math on that). 

Throughout your travels you’ll unlock new characters, gain new disciples, collect decorations, earn achievements, complete missions, experience the game’s story, and of course stockpile heaps and heaps of lovely candy. 

Once you return to your Candy House, you can spend your loot on renovations, adding not only decorative features but structural ones too. Once you’re happy, you can invite your IRL friends to visit.

You can also hang out with NPCs, complete daily missions, participate in lucky draws, and generally live the laidback life of an Animal Crossing resident. You don’t even have to leave to gain new resources – once you’ve got enough disciples, you can send them out to do your dirty work for you. 

Journey to the Sweet Challenge is packed with stuff to do. There are over 300 decorations to collect, over 50 characters to unlock, plus gestures and emojis and much more. 

The game will be out soon, but you can check it out right now on Kickstarter. It’s coming to iOS and Android, so make sure you drop a pledge so you can get your hands on the game as soon as it launches.