The image shows a Roblox-styled Sukuna who has possessed Megumi. Mad spoilers for a Roblox game. Sorry if you listened to this and didn't know that happens. Hey, at least he suits the dark hair!

Jujutsu Chronicles Clan Tier List

In need of a Jujutsu Chronicles clan tier list? We have one here! Plus, as a fan of the series you can absolutely count on me to make this tier list as accurate as possible. So you will know which clans truly are the best!

Jujutsu Chronicles brings the devastating anime right into Roblox. Become a student at Jujutsu High and train to become the very best sorcerer! Become apart of clans and develop your own cursed techniques before going into battles against dangerous villains and other players in thrilling combat.

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Jujutsu Chronicles Clan Tier List

So let’s move onto how we determine our ranks here! We pick our tiers based on personal experience, player feedback and game updates. If the game ever receives an update which adds or changes any clans, such as power balance, we will be sure to update this list immediately! So please check back.


The best of the best! These clans are OP with plenty of stat buffs and benefits to those lucky enough to roll into these clans.

  • Gojo Clan [Mythical]
  • Geto Clan [Mythical]
  • Zenin Clan [Mythical]
  • Okkotsu Clan [Mythical]


Excellent clans with great stat benefits. Don’t sleep on these because they aren’t S-Tier. These clans still perform exceptionally well and you can find yourself comfortable in them without a re-roll.

  • Tengen Clan [Mythical]
  • Itadori Clan [Legendary]
  • Nanami Clan [Legendary]


These clans are average! They’re okay but not worth keeping long term. If you have just began your sorcerer adventure however, then you may enjoy being in these clans!

  • Todo Clan [Legendary]
  • Fushiguro Clan [Rare]
  • Inumaki Clan [Rare]


Minimally performing clans. They offer very basic statistic boosts and are okay if you’re a beginner. Don’t settle for less though, get re-rolling!

  • Muta Clan [Rare]
  • Kamo Clan [Rare]
  • Ino Clan [Rare]
  • Hoshi Clan [Rare]


Unlucky! If you rolled one of these we recommend you keep rolling until you’ve escaped the D-Tiers. These clans offer next to nothing of value to you.

  • Gakuganji Clan [Rare]
  • Kugisaki Clan [Common]
  • Miwa Clan [Common]
  • Yaga Clan [Common]
  • Nishimiya Clan [Common]
  • Ieiri Clan [Common]
  • Nitta Clan [Common]
  • Ijichi Clan [Common]
  • Kukasabe Clan [Common]