Jump Impact

Space Leaper: Cocoon Is Back Again, This Time As ‘Jump Impact’!

Space Leaper: Cocoon is getting a revival yet again! This time, it’s getting transitioned to Jump Impact. Not sure, if the name lives up to the standard of the previous title, but the gameplay and features sure promise to be better. Keep reading as we give you the full scoop!

What’s In A Name?

Well, this is the second time that Space Leaper: Cocoon has been rebranded. The title was launched on August 18th, 2022 globally. But then, after months of no updates and continuous maintenance, it sadly closed shop on June 28th, 2023. A couple of months later, it was rebooted and revived into Space Leaper: Reboot.

Space Leaper: Reboot didn’t have much of a reboot in terms of gameplay and features, except a few tweaks here and there (like the Home Screen, for example.)  Now, history is repeating itself and Space Leaper: Reboot is getting revived as Jump Impact. It’s currently available under the new name in most countries leaving out a couple of countries like Brazil and the Philippines.

Why The Revival?

We aren’t sure, either. Word on the street hints at a change in ownership, with a new company taking the reins. The original creator of the game is DAMO Games while the publishers are Parallel Game. Unlike last time, Space Leaper: Reboot will undergo substantial changes s Jump Impact.

There won’t be any more grid system battles. Instead, it’s taking up the AFK Arena style with strategic combat twists. Apparently, there’s a cool luck explosion summoning feature, too. Your first summon gets a 3x unit explosion, and then the next 10x summons can crank up to 12x!

If you never played the title before, let me give you a quick lowdown! Space Leaper or Jump Impact is an intergalactic mobile card-based RPG. It takes you to a cosmic realm where Leapers throw down monsters on a multi-dimensional battlefield. Now, Leapers are the cosmic radiation-born anthropomorphic beings.

If it sounds fun, head to the App Store and check out the game now! Also, before you leave, take a peek at our other news: Words In Progress, A New Scrabble Style Game, Is Out On Apple Arcade!