featured image for our news on Kamen Rider mobile. It features the protagonist wearing a classic Kamen Rider mask.

Bandai Announces New Kamen Rider Mobile Game, ‘Ride Kamens’

Guess what’s cooking in the Bandai Card Department? Apparently, they’re dropping a new Kamen Rider game for mobile devices. Titled ‘Ride Kamens,’ the Kamen Rider mobile game will be developed by Liber Entertainment.

In case you don’t know, Liber Entertainment has developed other slick titles like A3! and I-Chu. Kamen Rider mobile will be published by Bandai Card Department on both Android and iOS. They’re collaborating with gaming giants like Ishimori Production and Toei for this venture.

What’s Kame Rider?

Kamen Rider, which means ‘Masked Rider,’ is a Japanese superhero series that kicked off back in 1971. Created by Shotaro Ishinomori, it’s about these heroes with insect-like looks fighting against bad guys called kaijin. The series has got TV shows, manga, anime, movies and games.

The first series followed Takeshi Hongo, a college student, battling the evil Shocker gang. Their first video game, Kamen Rider SD: The Ambition of Gran Shocker, dropped back in 1993 for Famicom. Since then, there have been multiple titles under the series, such as Summonride, Super Climax Heroes, Memory of Heroez and Climax Fighters.

More Deets On The Way!

Bandai is set to release more interesting details about the Kamen Rider mobile game on February 9th, 5 PM (JST).  So, that’s when we’re getting the complete lowdown on Ride Kamens. I guess they will first release the game in Japan, and then drop the global version in other languages. Meanwhile, the official website gives us a fresh look at Ride Kamens.

They’re giving us a peek under the mask, teasing us with something different while keeping that classic Kamen Rider vibe alive. Head to the official website of the Kamen Rider mobile game and catch a glimpse of what’s cooking!

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