Kanye West Goes on a Tirade Against In-App Purchases in Kid’s Games


Kanye West, a rapper who’s almost as famous for his entertaining rants and outbursts as he is for his music these days, took to Twitter this weekend to vent his frustrations at companies that include in-app purchases in their kid’s games.

As near as I can piece together from the string of angry tweets, the story is that Kanye’s two-year old daughter, North, recently went on a bit of an IAP spending spree whilst playing games on the family iPad. And Mr. West wasn’t happy, to put it mildly.

Now, it’s easy to be dismissive of a multi-millionaire musician freaking out over their child inadvertently running up a big iTunes bill, but Kanye does have a point; the practice of cramming apps aimed at toddlers and young kids chock-full of IAPs is more than a little shady. However, as various other sites have pointed out, Kanye’s Twitter rant could also be seen as a tad hypocritical since his wife is the face of Glu Games’ wildly successful Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, an IAP-laden free-to-play title that just so happens to be targeted at a young audience (ages 12 and up).

You can check out the tweets below:

Source: The Verge