‘Keep Ya Head Up Japan’ Giveaway!

You’ll most likely remember that in the wake of the recent disaster in Japan, AppsJP and iPhoneGamerUK got together with an array of generous iOS games developers to launch a very special initiative that gave you the opportunity to make a charitable donation to an AID organization of your choosing and get some great games in return.

Sadly, the crisis in Japan is far from over – the statistics posted over on AppsJP today make for sobering reading – so when the guys got in touch with iFanzine to ask for our support with the second leg of the giveaway, entitled ‘Keep Your Head Up Japan’, we were only too glad to help.

Once again, the list of games you can win is incredibly impressive, and already includes some of iFanzine’s all-time favorites such as Legendary Wars and Paleolithics!

From AppsJP: “We’d like to keep doing a teeny, tiny effort to ask your continuous support. Thanks to generous devs from all over the world, we have fresh promo codes for our readers. This is the second round giveaway called, ‘KEEP YA HEAD UP JAPAN’ Giveaway. Just like the first round, we keep asking for your support.

Yes, we will give all the codes for free. We’d appreciate if you can do something for the relief in Japan. Donating to the Red Cross by clicking the ‘Pray for Japan’ logo on top of this page, sending whatever you can to evacuation camps, or doing anything that helps Japan would be really nice. This disaster isn’t one-time incident. We need your continuous support.”

Here are the steps you should take. For iPhonegamerUK readers:

Follow & RT Both @AppsJP and @iPhonegamerUK for FREE codes! KEEP YA HEAD UP JAPAN giveaway. Details: http://bit.ly/eHQfrJ

For iFanzine readers:

Follow & RT Both @AppsJP and @iFanzine for FREE codes! KEEP YA HEAD UP JAPAN giveaway. Details: http://bit.ly/eHQfrJ

AppsJP are running this giveaway in collaboration with iPhonegamerUK, iFanzine.com and various other sites and blogs. Websites, developers and publishers who are interested in getting involved, please feel free to contact us.