‘Kelvin and the Infamous Machine’ Hits Its Kickstarter Target, Sets Sights on Stretch Goals


Fans of classically inspired Graphic Adventure games may now rejoice, for Kelvin’s mission to fix the timeline — which was damaged by Doctor Lupin’s meddling — has since been successfully funded! Although $23,000 — out of a requested $20k — is certainly nothing to sneeze at, there is still so much more that Kelvin could be doing in order to guarantee that our past is truly freed from the affects of Lupin’s mad historical tampering. It is for this reason that Blyts is hoping to conquer their stretch goals before their Kickstarter ends on the twelfth, all so that Kelvin and the Infamous Machine can become the greatest time-bending Graphic Adventure ever (next to Day of the Tentacle, that is)!

Although Kelvin currently plans to undo the doctor’s schemes to steal credit from Leonardo da Vinci — Ludwig van Beethoven — and Sir Isaac Newton, one must ask themselves if these were the only historical figures whom Lupin has already stolen from. With additional funding Kelvin will also — just to be safe — check up on the likes of Albert Einstein, the Wright Brothers, Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, and many others! Furthermore — if at least $35,000 can specifically be secured, which currently seems rather plausible — all of these additional adventures, as well as the base trilogy, will be delivered with 100% complete voice acting.

Therefore those interested in eventually playing Kelvin and the Infamous Machine should be sure to act quickly, for additional funding at this juncture will largely shape the final form of Kelvin’s Adventure in terms of both game play length and presentational quality.