LucasArts-esque Adventure Game ‘Kelvin and the Infamous Machine’ Needs to Be Kickstarted


The esteemed Doctor Edwin Lupin — after a lifetime of painstaking research — has finally completed his greatest invention ever: a time machine, which for complicated science reasons happens to look like a portable shower stall. The scientific community — rather than complimenting Doctor Lupin — instead decide to ridicule his amazing invention due to its appearance, quickly labeling it the “Infamous Machine.” The doctor — failing to take this in stride — immediately hops into his device with a mad agenda before him: to rewrite history so that he’ll take credit for every great invention ever, consequences be damned!

With a basic sense of right and wrong driving him forward, one of Lupin’s two assistants — Kelvin — decides that he must chase after the doctor in order to set the time stream back to where it was meant to be. In order to accomplish this he’ll have to provide inspiration to many of history’s greatest figures — such as Sir Isaac Newton, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Leonardo Da Vinci — by solving mundane tasks via convoluted roundabout means. Depending on how things go, Kelvin might even additionally have to help other great historical inventors out such as: Albert Einstein (theory of relativity) — Nikola Tesla (alternating current) — and even the Wright Brothers (first flight)!


So goes the premise to Kelvin and the Infamous Machine, a proposed graphic adventure — both looking and feeling much like LucasArts’s famous Day of the Tentacle — that is currently in the works by an Argentinean group of developers known as Blyts. However – due to the game being far larger in scope than the group’s previous titles — the gang ran into problems after ten months of development, and now need additional funds badly. Which is precisely why Blyts recently turned towards Kickstarter with a humble request for $20,000 in additional development funds, of which — with 22 days still remaining — over $7,000 has so far been secured.

If funded the game will contain the base three chapters — with more added, should stretch goals manage to be conquered — and furthermore be released to not only mobile devices, but various popular PC formats as well. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you’d like to help Kelvin with his endeavors, a Demo of the first chapter is currently available for Mac — Windows — and Linux based PC users. Afterwards — should you be properly intrigued — a launch day PC copy of Kelvin and the Infamous Machine can be secured for a pledge of just $15 (sorry, but the mobile edition isn’t being offered as a backer reward).

Furthermore — for those truly dedicated to repairing the timeline — additional backer rewards include: early Beta access, complete copies of the game’s soundtrack, production art books, the chance to appear as an in-game character, and more. Meanwhile — for those with an unparalleled desire to thwart Lupin’s mad schemes — Blyts will even dedicate an entire game chapter to an inventor of your choosing, plus receive all the other rewards! However, those interested — regardless of how brightly their passion for historical preservation does burn — should all be should sure to act quickly, for Lupin’s plans to rewrite history will become unchangeable once December 12th rolls around.