The featured image for our Kick The Buddy guide, featuring the rag doll Buddy from the game tied to a target board. Around Buddy is an asortment of dangerous tools, such as a knife and dynamite.

Kick The Buddy Guide (2023)

Are you looking for efficient ways to earn coins and kick that annoying rag doll? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a Kick The Buddy guide that will soon propel your skills in the game to the next level.

Kick The Buddy is a fun casual game that features dark humour. Learn more about the game by checking out Kick The Buddy on the App Store. If you’re looking for more game guides, check out our Legend Of Slime guide, Clusterduck guide, as well as our Punch A Bunch Final Boss guide.

Kick The Buddy Guide

We’ll now dive into the guide at hand. We’ll split it into a few different sub-sections so that it’s easier to process.

The Right Tool For The Job

Kick The Buddy is all about beating up a smiling rag doll in return for coins. You might feel the need to participate in the doll-beatdown due to pent up frustration, to distract any existing anxieties, or because you simply like hitting things.

In the game, you can use different tools, weapons, and objects against the rag doll. Depending on the reason why you’re playing the game, you might want to swap out your tool for something that best channels your current mood.

That’s where the “stuff” section comes in. If you select “stuff” on the screen, you’ll be able to choose a new weapon. If you’re feeling angry, you might want something that causes mass destruction, such as a chainsaw. If you’re looking for a smile and a laugh, perhaps you should instead throw eggs at the doll!

Customising Buddy

Watching yourself beat up Buddy whilst it wears the same blue/red outfit everyday could get quite boring. Luckily, the game has some sort of a customisation feature for Buddy, where you can change what it wears.

You can access the Buddy customisation by selecting the “profile” tab.

How To Re-Decorate

Another nice little feature that Kick The Buddy has is re-decoration. That’s right – if you so please, you can change the background decorations of the room that Buddy is beaten up in. The game features a range of different themes, so we recommend that you check them out!

You can access the decoration customisation through selecting “Decor”.


Did you know there’s achievements for Kick The Buddy? You might have even earned some already. You can access them through selecting the “Extra” tab.

About The Game

Kick The Buddy is a fun, twisted, casual game on iOS and Android where you beat up a rag doll named Buddy. You do this by tapping on the doll, and you get various rewards and coins for doing it. The game seems to last forever, but it’s made entertaining through the different customisation possibilities, as well as the different weapons you can use against Buddy. The game also works as a great stress reliever!