Kickstarter Backers Vote ‘Yes’ for Turn-Based Election Strategy Game ‘Battleground USA’


Every four years a vicious war is waged violently across the United States, which — of course — is the competition to see who will win the electoral college and become the country’s next President. Recently Robert Grisham got the idea that he could make a fun educational title explaining the process, via a mixture of humor — strategy based game play — and board game style mechanics. In it players would travel to various states — then take actions to change their influence points — in order to see who owns that area’s electoral votes when a turn ends, with a session’s turn length being player controllable.

Robert’s team has already made much progress towards completing their vision for Battleground USA, reporting that the project is currently estimated to be roughly 75% finished. However, they needed a bit more money in order to complete the project — as well as cover things like the iTunes Marketplace submission fee — and thus they recently decided to campaign Kickstarter for $500. Upon seeing Robert Grisham’s proposal, Kickstarter’s own electoral college decided to vote a resounding yes towards providing Battleground USA with the additional funding that it required.


However — with approximately two days left to go — there’s still time for Battleground USA to become the best board game style presidential race app ever, complete with the ability to campaign as a robot or even a demon. Casting a ballot for a mere $5 dollars is enough to vote yes for Battleground USA, and receive both a copy of the game and your name forever emblazoned in the credits as recognition of your efforts. Those whom donate even more to Robert’s campaign fund will receive things such as: caricatures from the game’s art team, the chance become a playable character, and even a backer T-Shirt.

Anyone whom is now interested in jumping on Battleground USA’s bandwagon should keep in mind that the polls on this Kickstarter will be closing on February 18th, and thus should vote quickly.