Kickstarter for Pixel-Art Driven Exploration Game ‘Spirit’ Finishes Strong with over 250% Funding


Holden Boyles and Ciprian Stanciu — a duo normally known for their indie films — recently pitched to all of Kickstarter their plans for a low-res, minimalist, pixel-art driven exploration/puzzle game going by the title of: Spirit. The project featured an older man whom, after relocating to a remote mountain community in order to live out his remaining years, began hearing rumors of a nearby mystical temple. The aging protagonist — with his sense of adventure suddenly reinvigorated — then decides to venture forth and explore these ancient ruins, as well as meet up with all of his new neighbors.

In order to better help people understand their plans going forward, the duo released an early game play demo — for both PC and Mac — that surely must have struck a chord with gamers everywhere. Even though they only asked for a mere $4,000 in development funds,  in order to keep the lights on whilst they toiled away at the project, the collective Kickstarter community responded back by funding them for more than 250%. Due to this — which blew all of their planned stretch goals away — Spirit will now be arriving on a multitude of platforms (including iOS), and be twice the original planned length as well!

With more than enough capital with which to make their project — as well as a currently under wraps sequel — Holden Boyles and Ciprian Stanciu now have a tentative release date for Spirit, which is currently aiming to be completed later this summer.