Kickstarter for Tyler Clark’s 16-Bit Style Adventure Game ‘The Technician’ Ends Sucessfully


One might have assumed that Oliver — whom six months ago landed an ideal job at a technology firm — was living the dream life, and perhaps he would have been had events not unceremoniously turned his life upside down. It all began when a colleague of Oliver’s went missing along with all of his research, which was extremely problematic since much of the world — including Oliver’s sister — was depending heavily on that data. Now the young man must journey beyond his comfort zone to explore the beautiful — yet dangerous — world that exists outside his hometown, all to recover the necessary research data and discover the deeper truth.

1920359_1475002376044574_1978147419_nThus goes the setup to The Technician, a top-down puzzle/exploration title — with graphics heavily reminiscent of 16-bit RPGs — designed entirely by the mind of one man: Tyler Clark. The project’s primary premise is to recapture everyone’s childhood desire to drop everything and start exploring, fueled on by a sense of wonder as to what fantastical discoveries might lie just beyond one’s home. To help ensure that the world in which Oliver must travel to uncover the truth — and furthermore save his sister — is truly alive and mesmerizing, Tyler has promised that every single NPC will be an autonomous AI.

This is further complimented by puzzles which specifically highlight the reality that Oliver is just an ordinary man whom has found himself in extraordinary circumstances, thus challenging the player to find practical solutions that sidestep direct confrontation. For example: rather than charging into a facility with guns blazing, it would be far more opportune for our hero — whom is a highly trained technician — if he first killed the building’s power before covertly sneaking in. Oliver will furthermore at points find himself forced to make decisions where the nature of morality itself will be called into question, with subjects such as death — justice — and creation all set to be touched upon.

Gamers everywhere obviously must have been greatly pleased with The Technician demo that Tyler Clark recently released, for the project’s Kickstarter managed to end a complete success. The developer — with funds now on hand — aims to release his game for PCs and Macs sometime around this August, with Linux — Android — and iOS versions already planned to arrive sometime shortly thereafter. Although you can no longer support the Kickstarter itself, those interested in keeping up with The Technician’s progress can still do so by reading Tyler Clark’s blog on the project’s official website.