Kickstarter Launched for ‘Black Belt,’ an Homage to 80’s Classic ‘Kung Fu Master’


Do you remember Irem’s arcade game Kung Fu Master — or just plain Kung Fu, if you preferred the NES — wherein a Kung Fu master, going by the name of Thomas, went on a side scrolling adventure to save his girlfriend? A London based group known as Creative Minds certainly remembers, which is why they recently launched a Kickstarter for a mobile based homage project known as Black Belt (complete with seven whole stages). So far Kickstarter’s gracious community has already donated over £300 of their requested £1,500 total, which is rather impressive considering that Black Belt’s Kickstarter still has a whopping 27 days remaining on the countdown clock!

Should you now be ready to punch and kick your way through anyone foolish enough to oppose you, you can both secure early access — have your name appear in-game — and even get to give input as Black Belt is developed all for just £12. Meanwhile — for those ready to fully master the ancient Kung Fu ways — additional backer rewards include unique t-shirts, or even the chance to receive a special custom version starring yourself! That said — should you fondly remember wasting endless hours helping Thomas sweep kick every last foe — then it’s vital that you chip in your donations before October 22nd rolls around, as that’s when this Kickstarter vanishes like a ninja stealthily into the night.