Kickstarter Roundup: Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, Defend the Fawkin Station and 3 Step Studio!


Here is a batch of three iOS related projects that recently went up on Kickstarter, all of which currently need your help if they are going to make it to that ever coveted successfully funded status. They cover a variety of topics including fantasy themed action RPGs, twitched based science fiction strategy titles, and one of them is even a proposal to create a powerful development suite with which to better enable people to create their very own dream iOS games. While two of these projects are from developers that you’ve probably never heard of before, a common occurrence when dealing with iOS software, you are probably going to be surprised when you hear about who happens to be helming up one of these hopeful projects.

akaneiro-demon-hunters-cbtAkaneiro: Demon Hunters

Being told that someone wants to make an Action RPG for the iOS – combining classical Japanese demons and artwork with the concept of Little Red Riding Hood – probably doesn’t surprise you very much; after all, titles with wacky premises show up on the iOS platform all the time. What you don’t see all the time is an original iOS game being helmed by the infamous American McGee, a man most commonly known for the dark-themed action titles American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns. So you can safely rest assured that this Little Red Riding Hood meets Japanese mythology mix-up won’t just be some silly game, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is probably going to be dementedly twisted and anything but silly.

In Akaneiro: Demon Hunters players will take control of a member of the Akaneiro order, an organization formed 300 years earlier to protect the people of Japan from the various spirits and demons roaming the country side. After first choosing from one of three different character classes available – each with different abilities – players will then proceed to slay various demons and collect their crystallized blood, which is referred to as Karma Shards. Players will be able to – using these Karma Shards as a form of currency – increase the abilities of their demon hunter, as well as purchase a wide variety of armor and weapons that all visually affect the character’s on screen appearance.

gaming_akaniero_demon_hunters_first_screenOne particularly interesting feature that has been promised for the game is the ability to bring along an NPC helper into combat based on the stats and appearance of a friend’s character, which will result in both of you sharing in the rewards from that particular mission. It has further been said that if enough development funds are raised that they would like to implement a proper online multiplayer mode as well, that would furthermore be cross compatible with other platform releases. Other mentioned stretch goals – should the Kickstarter exceed expectations – include the desire to add more levels, more abilities, more gear, more monsters, a PVP Arena, and the ability for players to form guilds with their friends.

Should the Kickstarter prove successful, those who do pledge money will be invited to be beta testers for Akaneiro: Demon Hunters sometime around April (the full release is planned as a ‘freemium’ title). Those who donate even more will be eligible to receive a wide variety of exclusive in game gear that will only ever be made available to project backers, as well as a tie-in comic book being produced by Dark Horse. Those who donate particularly large quantities will have the privileged opportunity to design actual elements of the game itself: including gear, monsters, and even demonic bosses!