Kickstarter Roundup: Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, Defend the Fawkin Station and 3 Step Studio!

Defend the Fawkin Station

Work in Motion Studios has recently started a Kickstarter in order to ensure that everyone with an iOS device has an equal chance to Defend the Fawkin Station – named after fictitious war hero, General Fawkin – from an incoming alien assault. Defend the Fawkin Station promises to provide players with gameplay that combines twitch based arcade style shooting with strategy elements, such as defensive structure placement and open-ended technology upgrade trees. Those who are tired of generic tower defense games should back the Defend the Fawkin Station Kickstarter to ensure that in the future people aren’t just defending any old space station on their iOS devices, but that they are instead specifically defending the Fawkin Station.

If successfully funded, Work in Motion Studios expects that iOS gamers everywhere will finally get their chance to be not just any old hero – but a true ‘Fawkin Hero’ – sometime this March.

3SS_Kickstarter_Image3 Step Studio

Have you ever thought that you had the perfect idea for an iOS game, but were frustrated by the fact you didn’t know how to program and/or couldn’t afford the expensive development tools needed? GarageGames – the group that previously created the open source Torque game engine – has decided that people should be able to realize their iOS dreams despite these setbacks, but they need your help funding the project so that they can afford to release 3 Step Studio completely for free when it’s finished. 3 Step Studio promises to be an iOS/PC development suite that will let people create their own games without needing any programming knowledge, while simultaneously managing to be robust enough that no two games made with the tool-kit will ever look the same.

The promised game-type templates for 3 Step Studio will include Physics Launcher, Card Game, Tower Defense, and RPG (with templates for genres such as Platformer, Shooter, and Hidden Object currently being listed as potential stretch goals). To specifically prove just how versatile these templates will be, GarageGames claims that they have already successfully cloned Pac-Man in the Tower Defense template and made a Pinball game in the Physics Launcher template. Furthermore, to ensure the realm of possibilities continues to grow over time, GarageGames has promised that 3 Step Studio will be designed so that any third party will be able to create and release their own compatible genre templates for the development tool-kit.