Kingdom Eighties official artwork, depicting the children from the game.

Kingdom Eighties: is Out Now on iOS

Kingdom Eighties, the latest entry in Raw Fury’s side-scrolling strategy series, has just launched on iOS. It’s a standalone expansion that sees you travelling back in time to the 80s as a young camp counsellor who has to defend the camp and nearby town from the Greed.

What Are the Kingdom Games?

The Kingdom series includes Kingdom: New Lands and Kingdom: Two Crowns, both of which cast you as a monarch who has to protect their kingdom from an invading force.

The latest entry, Kingdom Eighties, launched on PC and consoles a few months back to critical acclaim. Like the originals, it’s a strategy base builder, though this one is inspired by the period it takes its name from.

What’s it About?

You play as a young camp counsellor who has to defend a local town from the attacking greed monsters. Ultimately, they are trying to steal the Crown of Creation, and you have to stop them.

Along the way, you meet Champ, The Tinkerer, and The Wiz, who each have special abilities that you can use to help you beat the more challenging levels.

What Are The Characters and Gameplay Elements?

You travel through a variety of different locations, including a skatepark and local mall. Along the way, you recruit nearby kids, assigning them roles as soldiers or builders.

You then order them to fortify the town, adding defensive structures like walls and turrets.

Intermittently, the Greed monsters attack the town, and you have to hope that your defences are sufficient to fend them off.

Do I Need to Play the Other Games in the Series First?

Nope! Kingdom Eighties is an all-new experience that includes mechanics from the previous series, but doesn’t require any mastery of them to get started. It’s also an entirely new story, with no plot threads from previous games.

Are There Microtransactons?

There are no in-app purchases as it is a complete premium title that comes with a $4.99 price tag. The game measures around 1.6 GB insize and it works on all Apple devices running iOS 11.0 or above.

Where Can I Download Kingdom Eighties?

You can grab Kingdom Eighties from the App Store worldwide today.