Kingdom Rush Vengeance Just Got the New Frozen Nightmare Update

Kingdom Rush Vengeance has just been updated with the Frozen Nightmare expansion that introduces a bunch of new content to the world’s best tower defence game.

The story takes place after the Ice Queen wakes up having been frozen for a millennia in ice. She’s, rather unsurprisingly, quite annoyed about that so decides to try and take over the world.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Frozen Nightmare Has You Taking Down the Ice Queen

A bunch of ancient creatures also happened to be unfrozen at the same time, so the Ice Queen takes it upon herself to force them to join her army. Who knows what sort of hideous creatures fight for her now.

Your job is to end the Ice Queen’s reign once and for all by giving her a good old fashioned thumping. You’ll place towers, order heroes about, and upgrade everything until it’s unstoppable.

There are a bunch of new levels to beat in this awesome expansion so go ahead and grab it right now on the App Store. You won’t regret it.