‘Kitty Katnip’ Reaches Initial Funding Goal


The group at Martian Media recently decided to take the concept of a flash game they released on Newgrounds back in 2011, entitled Kitty Katnip, and overhaul it for mobile devices, replete with more game play mechanics and better graphics. For those of you not familiar with the original release, it stared a cat whom – after eating way too much catnip – found himself adrift a psychedelic field of stars somewhere in outer space. The spaced out cat, in order to wake back up, must leap from planet to planet – riding and slingshotting himself along their gravity wells – so that he can collect all of the squeak toys floating about.

cd29b207f13fd27290eead592f5e915c_largeHowever – after creating an alpha build that impressed many – the group knew that they were going to realistically need a budget that was much larger than zero dollars, and thus they turned towards Kickstarter. While their initial goal had been set at a modest $1,000 – primarily to cover licensing fees – this has already been blown out of the water with over $1.4k raised so far, and a whopping 38 whole days still remaining. Suddenly Martian Media’s stretch goals to add extra playable characters – a custom cat designer – and even an entire level development suite, aren’t looking quite so far fetched anymore.

That said, even though things are currently looking up, there is still a long ways to go – and many more backers whom need to join Kitty Katnip’s cause – if those dreams are going to become reality. While they aren’t offering a copy of the game itself, probably due to the rules governing the iTunes Marketplace, those who donate a single dollar will forever be immortalized in the game’s credits. Those who spend even more will get the chance to earn backer exclusive character skins, have objects/planets in the game named in their honor, and even work with the development team to help create an entire stage.

For those of you who think Martian Media’s vision of a gravity well travelling cat sounds like a fun adventure, do keep in mind that the Kickstarter for Kitty Katnip is currently set to end on February 16th.