Knightin’+ is a Premium Old School Dungeon Adventure

Remember the past? It was pretty good wasn’t it? Games were simpler, dungeons were flatter and you had to use your imagination way more. Well, Knightin’+ definitely remembers the past, and it’s only too happy to let you try and relive it. And redie it. That’s not a word.

The game sees you trawling through underground arenas, hacking and slashing anything that gets in your way. You’ll collect new equipment, toughen up and take on massive bosses as you try to reach the end.

There’s loads of fun waiting for you under the ground, as well as loads as monsters, traps and tricky situations. You’re going to need to use your skills, your gear and a little bit of twitchy luck if you want to get out unscathed.

The game works really well on mobile, with slick controls and quick performance. There’s a whole heap of game to sink your face into here, and if you’re a fan of 90’s action adventure games then you’re definitely going to find a lot to like.

Knightin’+ is available from the App Store right now. It’ll set you back $3.99, but we reckon that’s an absolute bargain. Click here and you can grab the game for iPhone or iPad right this second.