Knights of Ages Is a Fantasy SRPG with Insanely Deep Tactical Gameplay

Knights of Ages, from Seaease Games, is the closest thing you can get on mobile to the sprawling, treacherous, blood-spattered world of Game of Thrones. 

Like George R. R. Martin’s blockbuster fantasy franchise, it’s set in a gritty fantasy version of the middle ages. Inspired by Arthurian legend, it takes place across multiple generations and spans an entire continent. 

The backstory is that, centuries ago, a band of brave knights defeated the barbarian hordes and established the six kingdoms, all founded on the same knightly values and subject to the same sacred vows. 

But centuries have passed and those vows are now forgotten. The six kingdoms have descended into war, presenting you with an opportunity. Will you become a tyrant? Will you re-establish the knights’ code? Or will you do something else altogether?

Knights of Ages is truly epic in scope, with turn-based battles that play out like games of chess on grid-based battlefields. Not only do you have to manage your troops in the field, but you need to rotate new troops into the fray as the situation demands. 

But it’s off the battlefield that Knights of Ages really shows off its staggering complexity and depth. Each character in the game has its own attributes, skills, and so on, and each one will eventually die. 

Not only that, but they’ll pass on their traits to their offspring, including their morale – so winning battles is a generationally important matter. 

Being a ruler, you naturally have to think about lineages and bloodline purity. Marrying off the right characters is just another thread in the huge strategic tapestry that is Knights of Ages. 

Other threads include trade, alliances, arena combat, a variety of cultures and customs to familiarise yourself with, festivals to take part in, tasks to complete, and much, much more. Knights of Ages will keep you busy until the end of time. 

You can download Knights of Ages for free right now on the App Store and Google Play.