‘Knights of Pen & Paper’ Devs Hit Kickstarter to Raise Funds for New Game, ‘Chroma Squad’


Behold Studios – the people who previously brought you the critically acclaimed Knights of Pen & Paper (our review) – are back with plans for an all new game, but first they need to find five willing backers with attitude. Okay, so the attitude might be a bit optional – and they’re certainly going to need a lot more than five – but the fact still remains that without your help they’re not going to be able to make their next project a reality. After all, it can be really hard to make a quality gaming experience – at least in any reasonable frame of time – if you also have to work a day job on the side just to keep the lights on.

b219ea8384b74e6f79b7688cb8074c35_largeThe premise for Chroma Squad is that you’re a small production company attempting to make an all new Super Sentai TV show – think Power Rangers – of the same name, one episode at a time. From the business management end of things you’ll have to outfit your studio, make decisions about where the plot should go next (there will be multiple endings), and decide which color and powers each of your heroes should have. Oh, and let’s not forget that you’ll also have to go to conventions and stuff to interact with your show’s fan base in order to build hype and make sure the viewers remains happy with the product.

But that’s only half the battle, the actual directing of each episode’s fight scene takes the form of a Tactical RPG – that means there will be a movement grid this time around – where you must personally lead your team of 3-to-5 colored spandex wearing heroes to victory. Behold Studios has proclaimed that the actors you can hire are going to get so excited about the show that during these scenes they will begin to forget it’s all just staged fights and fake special effects. Of course, there will also – much like Knights of Pen & Paper before it – be temporary consumable items that can help out your rainbow colored band of heroes (such as fireworks, because everyone knows a punch obviously hurts more if cheap pyrotechnics go off when it lands).

Those who donate now will not only have their name forever immortalized in the final product’s credits, but they will furthermore receive exclusive in game content that will never be made available to those that buy the game at launch. Anyone who donates even more money will obtain extra special rewards such as becoming an on-stage extra that needs to be saved from monsters, being a mysterious figure that helps out the heroes at some point, or even becoming one of the actors that players can hire to help out with their production. Those who are interested with what they have read so far should keep in mind that deadline to get in on the ground floor of Behold Studios’ exciting next project is August 21rst.